• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022


ByKimberly A. Brochu

Sep 14, 2022

People often prefer to sit on the window seat when traveling in the flight. Often people are willing to pay extra to reserve their favorite window seat, but even after booking you don’t get the seat you dreamed of before traveling, so it’s normal to get angry. East. Recently, a similar case came to light, which is making a lot of headlines these days.

In fact, recently a user @MartaVerse on the social media platform Twitter complained to the airline by tweeting a photo. The user says that he had paid for the seat near the window, but despite that, he did not get that seat, but was given a seat near the door. The man had tweeted this on September 10, which went viral on sight. When the company responded, people started trolling it. It is said that this person was traveling on a flight from a European airline.

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It is said that even after the case caught fire on social media, the airline did not take the person’s complaint seriously, but jokingly avoided the case. Let us tell you that the company also retweeted the same image that went viral, in which they made a red circle over a hole made in the door, making it look like they’re saying the door had the same hole than the window. .

On this post that has gone viral on social networks, the process of likes, comments and views from users is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, social media users were also seen lashing out at the airline. One person said the company’s social media staff thought it was a joke. Taking someone’s money and not doing a favor is no joke. Many people also sent pictures of their seats on the same airline. Leave the window next to these seats, there isn’t even a hole. At the same time, someone said it’s becoming common for companies to make fun of customer problems.

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