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Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Grants Consolidation Now

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Jun 22, 2022

Grant winners can use revolving loan fund (RLF) funds to create a revolving loan account as well as give subgrants and loans to carry out cleaning and cleanup initiatives on brownfield sites. With these awards, the EPA strengthens its market position while encouraging other stakeholders to pool resources to improve and clean up brownfields Texas ConsolidationNow office. Loans are reimbursed once they have been repaid. The loan amount is returned to the fund and then lent to new borrowers. This provides the community with an ongoing supply of capital.

A qualifying RLF Grant candidate may apply as an individual or as part of an RLF Coalition comprised of two or more companies. An RLF Grant applicant may apply for up to $1,000,000 to clean up brownfields contaminated by pollution, hazardous substances or pollutants (including dangerous substances co-mingled with petroleum), or petroleum.

EPA will make two changes to the Brownfields RLF Program to allow our current high-performing RLF awardees to maintain the momentum of the program they’ve developed while providing loans and subgrants for cleaning up brownfield sites in the areas they reside in:

Only organizations who do not have the benefit of an unrestricted Brownfields RLF cooperation agreement will be eligible to submit a grant request in the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) RLF Grant competition and subsequent RLF Grant competitions.

If current top-performing RLF beneficiaries are chosen for non-competitive financing, EPA may decide to make a new grant rather than extend the life of this cooperation contract.

Read Brownfields Policy Changes for additional information on policy changes and updated rules for supplemental financing as of February 2022. Check out the FY 2022 RLF Supplemental Demand for Funding for Supplemental Funding Instructions for FY22, which contain a completely new template labeled “Appendix B” that applicants can utilize to submit their request as a fillable PDF. Applications for FY22 Additional Funding were due on March 18, 2022. For any questions, applicants should contact their assigned EPA Project Officer.

The following are the most essential characteristics of RLF Grants:

RLF programs are designed to persist for a period of time (potentially years), and as such, the prerequisites for cooperative arrangements require the RLF Grantee to commit to long-term resources. Furthermore, even after the RLF Grant has ended, grant recipients must meet particular reporting obligations and reporting standards.

Participants must be familiar with mortgage financing ideas and procedures, such as loan underwriting, loan servicing, and credit analysis.

Recipients must be able to demonstrate the ability to continuously promote their RLF program throughout the length of the grant and after the RLF Grant has ended.

Participants agree to efficiently manage the income generated by their RLF program for the period of their agreement, unless they choose to terminate the agreement and pay the program’s earnings in full to EPA (see RLF Closeout Resources below).

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