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German airline Hahn Air issues tickets on blockchain

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Nov 18, 2019

German airline Hahn Air claims to be the first airline to issue tickets on a blockchain, the firm said in a press release on November 18.

Selling tickets using blockchain technology was made possible through Hahn Air’s collaboration with a decentralized platform for the travel industry, Winding Tree. Frederick Nowotny, head of sales engineering at Hahn Air, Maksim Izmaylov, founder of Winding Tree, and Davide Montali, CIO at Winding Tree, have become the first passengers to use tickets booked through the blockchain.

Commenting on the product, Nowotny said the company’s goal is “to study and monitor the opportunities this technology offers for travel distribution, although widespread acceptance is still a vision of the future.” .

Blockchain and crypto in the travel industry

Blockchain technology and digital currencies have gradually entered the travel industry in recent years. Earlier in November, Alternative Airlines, a UK-based travel agency, partnered with cryptocurrency service Utrust to facilitate payments with crypto, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dash, DigiByte (DGB) and Utrust’s native UTK token.

At the end of October, blockchain startup Zamna raised $ 5 million to automate airport security checks using blockchain and biometric technology. Zamna said that International Airlines Group, Emirates Airlines and the United Arab Emirates Residence and Foreigners Branch are now among its clients.

Last year, in an effort to promote tourism more broadly, the state government of the Australian province of Queensland awarded a grant to crypto startup TravelbyBit in funding of over 8.3 million dollars for innovation. The company aims to increase the number of tourists to the province by allowing travelers to book their flights and services using cryptocurrencies.