• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

How rising fares and changes in the airline industry could affect your next trip

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Mar 26, 2022

Two small US carriers that launched last year, Breeze and Avelo, are fine-tuning their operations.

Avelo, which launched point-to-point west coast flights from Burbank, Calif., recently added a new east coast base in New Haven, Connecticut, with multiple destinations in Florida and flights as far afield as west than Chicago. In April, the flight schedule listed one-way tickets between New Haven and Tampa, Fla., starting at $69, with seats starting at $6, carry-ons starting at $40 and checked bags starting at $35. $.

Breeze recently added 10 new cities, reaching several in Florida and the Southeast from Hartford, Connecticut, while adding direct service to Las Vegas from cities that did not have it, including Charleston, SC and Syracuse, NY. Syracuse to Las Vegas in June recently started at $159 with additional charges for seats and carry-on bags.

Another newcomer, Aha!, from ExpressJet Airlines, aims to make Reno, Nevada, its hub, offering service to about 10 cities, including Palm Springs, Calif., and Spokane, Washington. He plans to add hotel rooms to create vacation packages. .

A recent search for a round-trip fare from Eugene, Oregon, to Reno started at $109, with a seat minimum of $10 each way and baggage fees starting at $30.

Low-cost carriers have long played with prices. Now a more traditional carrier, Alaska Airlines, has introduced its own new approach with a subscription service called Flight Pass.

Aimed at California-based travelers, the pass starts at $49 per month and gives annual subscribers access to six round-trip flights per year that can be booked two weeks or more before departure. This brings the average cost of a round trip to around $100, which the company says is 20-30% of average fares on an annual basis. For travelers who want more flexibility, Flight Pass Pro allows subscribers to book anytime starting at $199 per month, or about $400 per round trip.