• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Indian travelers unhappy with air services

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Jun 1, 2022

International flight movements are over 40% of pre-Covid levels. According to data from Airports Authority of India (AAI), the total number of international passengers in January 2022 was 25 lakh, while in January 2020 it was 64.9 lakh.

The country has a large domestic market and lured by still-cheap tickets, customers have returned to airports in the tens of millions, stretching an aviation workforce exhausted and weakened by one of the world’s worst Covid outbreaks. . At the same time, soaring fuel spending has weighed on balance sheets just as airlines try to increase capacity.

However, Indian travelers are not satisfied with airline services. SpiceJet, IndiGo and Air India top the list. Some 79% of 15,000 airline passengers surveyed by LocalCircles said they believed carriers in India were compromising on passenger comfort and cutting corners in the wake of the pandemic, hampering the reopening of what was before Covid the fastest growing aviation market in the world.

SpiceJet would prioritize automation, technology and sustainability to improve the customer experience. IndiGo has also focused on digitalization to provide customers with a contactless travel experience, noting that using technology from check-in to boarding and beyond has helped it reduce check-in times. waiting at airports.

Widespread staff shortages and disgruntled work forces are commonplace when airlines struggle. IndiGo, which posted huge losses in its last quarter, laid off staff and asked employees to take unpaid leave. SpiceJet postponed wages, and when passenger traffic plunged to near zero during India’s second wave of Covid, it paid some employees based on their working hours.

SpiceJet Ltd topped the list of airlines whose services were deemed the most unsatisfactory, followed by the country’s largest airline with a 55% market share, IndiGo. Complaints from all the airlines included flight delays, shoddy in-flight service, poor boarding procedures, poor maintenance, and discolored aircraft interiors.

The findings come as Indian carriers find themselves receiving some degree of backlash from passengers. In a recent high-profile incident, IndiGo banned a disabled teenager from boarding a flight, saying the boy was causing a disturbance and could pose a security threat.

In another video that recently went viral, a woman is seen suffering a panic attack after Air India Ltd, now under India’s biggest conglomerate Tata Group, blocked her from boarding, claiming that she had arrived after the door had closed.

LocalCircles (a social media platform) conducted the preparatory work for the survey. The sample size for the survey was 15,000 air passengers, 79% of whom believed that “carriers in India are compromising passenger comfort and taking shortcuts due to the pandemic”. Passengers feel that the deterioration in the level of customer service from airline employees came after the pandemic.