• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

SunExpress became the first airline to receive Orange Circle certification

sunexpress becomes first airline to receive orange ring certificate

Right to receive certificate in Orange Circle Hygiene Certificate application initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in partnership with İzmir Foundation. kazan The first airline was SunExpress.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has expanded the scope of the Orange Circle certificate program granted to qualifying catering and accommodation companies in recent weeks and has enabled airlines to receive certificates. One of the major airlines in Turkey, SunExpress, continues its aviation services to international standards, the applicant was the first company to benefit from the Orange Circle service.

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, presented the Orange Circle certificate to SunExpress, which was determined to have successfully completed all of the airline rating criteria comprising 11 main headings and 65 items.

Certified flights give you confidence

SunExpress CEO Max Kownatzki, who received the certificate on behalf of SunExpress, said: “As an Izmir airline, we are very happy to cooperate with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken action important to contribute to Izmir tourism since the start of the pandemic. to treat. With the highest level of safety and hygiene measures we take on our flights, we provide our passengers with a healthy and anxiety-free travel experience. As the first airline to receive the Orange Circle certificate awarded to safe businesses and organizations in Izmir, we have proven it again. “

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said: “We have extended the Orange Circle hygiene certificate to include airlines so that everyone can travel to Izmir safely. Thus, the Orange Circle hygiene certificate, which expresses healthy and safe areas in Izmir, will be able to accompany those who come to Izmir from the start of their trip. I would like to thank SunExpress for its collaboration with our Metropolitan Municipality and its sensitivity. The certified flights we launched today with SunExpress from Izmir will hopefully serve as an example for other airlines. “

Audit to international standards

Under the coordination of the Department of Foreign Relations and Tourism of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the airline hygiene inspection criteria determined by the Executive Council of Tourism Hygiene, the Aviation Organization International (ICAO), Association of International Air Transport Agencies (IATA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil It was created taking into account the standards of the Aviation Authority (SHGM).

Every step before and after the flight is inspected

Among the criteria for air transport hygiene inspection; “Precautions to be taken by companies”, “waste management”, “What to do if there are suspicious passengers showing symptoms of Covid-19 during the flight”, “Precautions to be taken during and after the flight”, ” aircraft ventilation, cleaning and disinfection ”and“ flight accommodation. ”Airlines are also inspected on site for compliance with hygiene standards in their areas of operation.

Applications are online

Airlines wishing to obtain an Orange Circle certificate can apply by sending the required documents via the e-mail address [email protected] or by sending them personally to the Tourism Directorate of the Directorate of Foreign Relations and Tourism of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.