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The best of the best in the airline industry recognized at the Travvy Awards 2021

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Nov 14, 2021

Airlines have certainly faced a difficult year.

As the pandemic entered 2021 for a second year, airlines were still dealing with the financial fallout and trying to balance the many layoffs, buyouts and retirements with help from the federal government and the ever-changing nature of the virus itself.


And just as carriers began to get to grips with the upside-down changes, the flying public said, “Enough,” and pent-up demand from more than a year away from travel caught airlines off guard.

But the resilience showed.

Airlines and airline consolidators have made it work, welcoming back domestic travelers in the spring and summer, and just recently welcoming back international tourists.

At the 2021 Travvy Awards in Miami Beach, airline and airline consolidator leaders were among those honored.

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Here is a full list of winners;

Best Airline, National Airlines

American Airlines (gold)

Delta Air Lines (Silver)

United (Bronze)

Best Airline, International Carriers

Air Canada (Gold)

Air New Zealand (Silver)

Korean Air (Bronze)

Best Airline Consolidator, Global Consolidators

Centrave (Gold)

Sky Bird Travel & Tours (Silver)

Cosmopolitan Travel Service (Bronze)