• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

TKTZ – Disrupting the airline industry using NFT technology

ByKimberly A. Brochu

Sep 13, 2022

Once in a lifetime (maybe a few), technology and industrial development experiences a major disruption or leap forward. Google, Facebook, Amazon, AirBNB have disrupted industries by solving difficult problems that affect the masses, using breakthroughs in technological infrastructure. Now… TKTZ is on a mission to create such massive disruption by leveraging emerging technologies!

TKTZ is disrupting the airline industry. Moreover, it creates the world’s first real NFT utility. The ultimate link between NFT technology and its everyday physical use case.

Imagine a revolutionary new way to travel anytime and anywhere, the ability to book an air ticket easily and without worries, and above all – the freedom to redeem your ticket on an open, secure and transparent platform. This is exactly what TKTZ does.

TKTZ uses blockchain technology to turn airline tickets into NFTs, connecting NFT technology to everyday use cases, connecting technology to the community, and a revolutionary ability to bring NFT into the mainstream.

This connection gives us all a new kind of freedom, the freedom to trade your flight tickets on a free market – on the TKTZ platform.
It is the safest and most secure way to book the plane ticket you want. This absolute confidence comes from the fact that you can always resell it!

This technological frontier hides a real ideology.

TKTZ believes in a free market, sharing and equal opportunity. This means that anyone can be part of the TKTZ vision, as a user and even as a member of the premium club holder community!

And it does not stop there. TKTZ is an all-Web3 company, soon to launch a 10,000-piece NFT collection. TKTZ’s NFT Collection serves as premium club membership cards, allowing holders to get up to 25% off any ticket they purchase!

A “real” perk that NFT holders can use to save money as soon as the market launches!

Additionally, holders will enjoy many other benefits in the future, based on a tiered loyalty program and community mechanism that TKTZ is expected to unveil in the coming weeks and months. At this point, however, we can say that this program will affect the level of discounts holders will be able to use on the TKTZ platform, in addition to other exclusive benefits.

Very soon, you’ll be able to join the groundbreaking new Members Club, bringing together exciting travel and a global club that serves as a hub for trailblazers who aren’t shy about taking a stand for their future.

This is the first time that blockchain and NFT technologies have been harnessed to encode an everyday use case that improves the way we all travel and live.

The NFT community has been in the headlines for quite some time now; yet this news is relevant to anyone who has ever flown commercially.

Your airline tickets, regardless of how you purchase them, are non-exchangeable.

Airlines give you a seat on a specific flight, and you don’t really have the freedom to change your travel date if you can’t take the flight.

Whether the change is allowed depends on the rules of the airline and in most cases it will also cost money.

Of course, you won’t be able to sell your ticket to anyone else, even if you paid for it, we’ve all gotten used to that!

TKTZ changes this by allowing everyone to buy and sell their tickets, and in addition, earn by selling their tickets on the TKTZ marketplace.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Join the TKTZ premium community, start saving and enjoy the extra benefits and perks granted to you as a member.

No matter which ticket you buy or when you buy it, your discount applies!

TKTZ and its community represent the next revolutionary step: ultimate independence in managing your assets in a free market where power is in the hands of ticket holders, full transparency and fair trading!